iSubpoena: Simplifying the Subpoena Process for Courts and Officers

We were approached by our client to create iSubpoena to solve a costly problem involving the delivery of subpoenas within the court system. A subpoena is delivered to someone – normally personally – whenever they are being compelled by a court to deliver a testimony either through witness or through producing evidence. Many of these subpoenas are delivered not to the public but to professionals within the courts system – such as law enforcement officers, probation officers and expert witnesses. Prior to the creation of the iSubpoena system these were all delivered personally, at a large cost to the District…

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How Can a Cloud Phone System Boost Your Business?

How can you provide the best possible customer service? Ditch the landline. Switching to a cloud phone system is a great way to improve customer interactions and boost your business. With a cloud phone, you can make and receive calls from anywhere, track call analytics, and even run tests to improve customer conversion. Here are four ways that using a cloud phone system can improve your business: 1. Work from anywhere Today’s business owners are rarely tied down to a single desk or office. Chances are you spend as much time interacting with your smartphone as you do with your…

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What is the Harm in Quick Fixes and Moving Too Fast in Software Development?

Rapid response seems to be the rallying cry of many software development and devops environments. We’re Agile! We deliver and ship daily! We have standing Scrum meetings that last no longer than five minutes! There’s a lot to be said for building a development team with automated infrastructure management, a team of collaborative workers who can quickly identify and fix problems. There’s a lot to be said for a standard devops practice where you integrate and test a new version of your software every afternoon, and ship accordingly. The trouble doesn’t come with moving fast. It comes when you move…

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Project Management in a Continually Interrupting Environment

As a project manager, you have three intersecting jobs: to keep your projects on time, on scope, and on budget. Interruptions get in the way of all three of these jobs. Some types of interruptions slow down your project timeline — these are the everyday things like unexpected company meetings, a team member being out sick, another team member getting stuck answering emails instead of writing code. Other types of interruptions come with scope increases. The stakeholder who sends over a list of new features to include. The client who loves that your project can do X and wants it…

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Is Your Product Team Using Ideal Devops Processes? Take a Look at These Devops Best Practices

If your product development isn’t running as smoothly as you might like, it might be time to look at your devops processes. Without strong devops processes in place, you lose the ability to quickly incorporate product adjustments, test changes, eliminate bugs, and ship new versions of your product. Unfortunately, there is no one single devops process that fits all project teams successfully. In fact, devops itself incorporates a multiplicity of processes and concepts. To borrow an explanation from The Agile Admin: “Ops” is a blanket term for systems engineers, system administrators, operations staff, release engineers, DBAs, network engineers, security professionals, and various…

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Important traits of life and business

It’s important to understand life from a bit broader perspective before you can truly look at business. This is a very broad concept, so I’ll assume many people will get controversial with me on it. When taking a look at life, it’s hard not to imagine everything — the entire complicated entity that has formed and all the things that our senses bring into our reality. The sheer notion of how we came to be and how earth came to sustain us, is in and of itself a wild idea. But you can’t really make decisions or build/control/structure through complication….

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Understanding your business

I know it has been quite a while since I’ve written anything here, but I think now is a good time to get back into it. The New Year brings fresh beginnings. It also provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and ensure the future holds bright as we look to make solid change and improvements. This time last year I was skating on the Rideau Canal with close friends while sipping hot chocolate. Drinking and skating simultaneously requires a different kind of talent and one that unfortunately, I don’t have. It only took a few minutes…

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Technology – Keeping ahead of the curve

Managing Change in an ever changing Technological Atmosphere In today’s business environment, technology is changing so fast that keeping up with it requires fulltime engagement. While these facts discourage some people, accepting them as inevitable and looking for ways to fit them into management of your business can put you on the fast lane to success. 7 ways to keep your business competitive in a technologically changing environment: 1. Analyze your situation Seek answers to the following questions: What are my goals in business? What is my vision and mission in business? Who is my target customer? Which technologies are…

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IT in Business, how to focus IT for Business Benefit

IT has become the fundamental backbone of industry logistics; it enables computers and other equipment to run at their peak when something impactful occurs. However, IT is used in companies for other reasons, which include the integration of software and technology. In order to become a successful IT Leader, it pays to understand what the organization does and how technology enables their goals. This is why it is important to recommend technology which fulfills a purpose and brings returns on investment. In all likelihood, you will be the consultant in company technology growth. You have three main goals, To make…

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Virtustructure 2.0 – 2012 is a New Year with New Opportunities!

Here we are, 1 month into the New Year and we’re already seeing a lot of change. The New Year brings new beginnings for us all. Starting a new year encourages us to look back and evaluate the year that has passed; to reflect on what’s come and gone, what has worked and what hasn’t. A lot has changed for Virtustructure in 2011 and we’re starting off even stronger in 2012. Each year I like to look ahead and plan out my goals, where and how I will focus my energy. This year our focus at Virtustructure is on customer…

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